Can you share your experience with the appetizer sampler at Black Olive Italian Restaurant in Louisville, considering the feedback about the calamari?


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Can you share your experience with the appetizer sampler at Black Olive Italian Restaurant in Louisville, considering the feedback about the calamari? in United States,Kentucky,Louisville,Black Olive Italian Restaurant

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    visited this restaurant would describe their experience, taking into account the feedback about the calamari.
    I recently visited Black Olive Italian Restaurant in Louisville during a tournament stay. We opted for delivery, and despite that, the food arrived fresh and hot. The appetizer sampler was a mixed experience; the calamari, unfortunately, was chewy, almost like rubber. However, the rest of the sampler was enjoyable. The potatoes in my daughter’s dinner were a downside, being black and inedible, leading to a 4-star rating.
    The restaurant shares a building with a Mexican restaurant, which added a unique touch. Despite the busyness, the service was quick and friendly. I ordered the chicken carbonara, and it was creamy and perfect. My husband’s Tour of Italy exceeded expectations, surpassing Olive Garden. Although the calamari was a miss, I would consider revisiting for the overall positive experience.
    On another occasion, post-show at the Kentucky Expo Center, the service impressed us despite the crowd. The calamari this time was light and crispy, a definite improvement. The steak, chicken Alfredo, and appetizer sampler were satisfying. A 3/5 rating reflects the overall experience, considering the service efficiency and food quality.
    On a Sunday visit, some dishes didn’t meet expectations. The ravioli was mushy, lacking flavor, and the steak, although properly cooked, lacked taste. My chicken Alfredo was good but not outstanding. The service and portion sizes were commendable, but the taste didn’t justify the price. I might consider giving it another chance.
    Despite mixed reviews, my own experience was surprisingly positive. The complimentary bread was fresh, entrees were tasty, and portion sizes were generous. However, the initial wait and slightly snippy server were minor drawbacks. Overall, I was pleased with the dining experience.
    I also tried the Chicken Sorrento, which was delicious. The chicken was tender, and the portions were substantial. The addition of a side salad for $2 was a great deal. I plan to return on my next visit to Madison.
    On the downside, some negative reviews warned against certain dishes and cocktails. The shrimp scampi and cocktails received criticism for inconsistency and lack of flavor. The suggestion was to focus on improving quality and consistency by limiting the menu.
    Others praised the solid food quality, particularly highlighting the perfectly cooked steak in the steak salad and tasty chicken pesto. The bread was also a hit. Despite some inconsistencies, the overall feedback was positive, and the prices were considered reasonable.
    A positive review highlighted the quick and welcoming service, with immediate attention to water and prompt food service. The lasagna received praise for its taste, making it a recommended spot in the Churchill Downs area.
    Contrasting opinions existed, with one diner finding the food subpar and another being pleasantly surprised. The Chicken Marsala was a standout, described as delicious with tender chicken and generous portions. However, other reviews criticized the food and service, suggesting the restaurant fell short of expectations.
    Negative experiences were also shared, ranging from undercooked poultry in a delivered order to slow service and disappointing flavors. The variety of feedback pointed out inconsistencies in the dining experience.
    Another review recommended the Black Olive as an affordable Italian option with acceptable food quality. The lunch specials between 11 and 3 were praised for offering nice deals.
    The restaurant management acknowledged positive reviews and thanked customers for their support. However, there were also negative comments about missing items in delivery orders and undercooked poultry.
    A comment regarding the Mexican and Italian combo highlighted a disconnect in the atmosphere, questioning the authenticity of the Italian experience. The food was criticized for being unimaginative and lacking in flavor.
    Mixed feelings were expressed about the food quality, with some diners enjoying the calzones and others finding the food barely dressed up cafeteria fare. The prices were considered fair, but the overall sentiment was disappointment in the taste and quality of the dishes.
    Negative reviews criticized the service, describing it as disorganized and slow. Some diners walked out due to extended wait times and unsatisfactory food. A lack of communication and refusal to address concerns were highlighted as issues.
    Positive feedback commended the restaurant for its large portions, affordable prices, and friendly service. The emphasis was on the enjoyable dining experience and delicious meals.
    On the contrary, negative reviews described the food as horrible, with appetizer samplers being criticized for frozen and reheated products. The lack of homemade elements, such as powdered parmesan, disappointed some customers.
    Overall, the reviews reflected a diverse range of experiences at Black Olive Italian Restaurant, with both positive and negative aspects.

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