Did you experience any issues with your order, such as missing items or discrepancies in pricing?


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Did you experience any issues with your order, such as missing items or discrepancies in pricing? in United States,Kentucky,Louisville,Mi Casita on 4th

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    Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported.


    Based on the reviews, it seems that Mi Cocina/Mi Casita in Louisville has received mixed feedback. Here’s a summary of the key points:
    Positive Comments:
    1. Food Quality: Many customers praised the quality and taste of the food, mentioning specific dishes like the guacamole with mango, chicken chimichanga, tamales, tacos, and margaritas.
    2. Friendly Staff: Several reviewers mentioned friendly and attentive staff, specifically mentioning waiters like Laura.
    3. Ambiance: Some customers appreciated the ambiance, cleanliness, and spacious seating of the restaurant.
    4. Reasonable Prices: Positive comments about reasonable prices for the food and drinks were noted.
    5. Recommendations: Many customers recommended the restaurant to others, particularly highlighting specific menu items like the raspberry margaritas and 4th Street chicken.
    Negative Comments:
    1. Service Issues: Some customers experienced issues with service, including slow service, forgetting orders, and delays in receiving items.
    2. Order Discrepancies: Complaints about missing items from orders, discrepancies in pricing, and being charged more than the menu price were mentioned.
    3. Food Quality Concerns: A few customers expressed concerns about the quality of certain dishes, including fatty and hard-to-chew chicken pieces.
    4. Inconsistency: There were mixed opinions on the authenticity of the Mexican food, with some mentioning it as more Tex Mex than authentic Mexican cuisine.
    5. Drinks: Some customers were dissatisfied with the strength of the drinks, describing them as weak or watered down.
    Overall, while there were positive comments about the food quality and ambiance, there were also issues related to service, order accuracy, and drink quality. The reviews suggest that experiences at Mi Cocina/Mi Casita may vary, and it might be worth trying specific dishes recommended by other customers.

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