How was your experience at Sway in Louisville?


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How was your experience at Sway in Louisville? in United States,Kentucky,Louisville,Sway

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    I’m sorry, but I don’t have personal experiences, as I’m a machine learning model and don’t visit places. However, based on the reviews you provided, it seems that Sway in Louisville has both positive and negative feedback.
    Positive aspects include:
    – Warm and welcoming staff
    – Delicious Bourbon Bloody Mary and 3 Egg Omelet
    – Impeccable service and amazing food during a birthday celebration
    – Consistent quality of service and food over the years
    – Impressive vegetarian options and the best fries in the city
    – Great atmosphere and upscale restaurant feel
    – Friendly and helpful waitress named Linda
    – Tasty food and wine, with a bit of a slow service due to staffing
    – Good flavors, especially the southern fried chicken
    – Nice ambiance and outdoor seating
    – Good location for people-watching near Fourth Street
    – Outstanding bourbon selection
    – Various seating options and moods within the restaurant
    – A hidden treasure in downtown Louisville with Southern hospitality
    – Good food, drink, and staff recommendations
    – Nice outdoor seating and lovely ambiance
    – Stuffed French toast is delicious
    – Best fried chicken and impressive fried green tomatoes
    – Excellent service and entertaining host
    – Delicious ribeye with bacon mushroom sauce
    – Good breakfast options for those staying at the Hyatt
    Negative aspects include:
    – Disappointment in the food quality, steak not seasoned, dry potatoes, and rotten broccoli
    – Grits and shrimp dish with clumpy grits and old, unpleasant-tasting sausage
    – Unpleasant experience during Christmas Day dinner
    – Average food and atmosphere, with a preference for paper napkins
    – Slow service due to staffing issues
    – Issues with cleanliness and lack of proper utensil handling
    – Undercooked food, including a hamburger and fried chicken
    – Limited menu options for vegetarians and vegans
    – Poor service during a visit, with a lack of empathy for reservation issues
    – Limited vegetarian and vegan options on the menu
    – Average breakfast buffet with limited options
    Overall, the reviews suggest that Sway has received mixed feedback, with some patrons enjoying the food, service, and atmosphere, while others had less favorable experiences, citing issues with food quality and service.

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