What exhibits are currently on display at the Carnegie Center for Art & History in Louisville, Kentucky?


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What exhibits are currently on display at the Carnegie Center for Art & History in Louisville, Kentucky? in United States,Kentucky,Louisville,Carnegie Center for Art & History

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    Based on the reviews and comments, it seems that the Carnegie Center for Art & History in Louisville, Kentucky, has a variety of exhibits that visitors have enjoyed. Some specific exhibits mentioned include:
    1. Quilt Exhibit: Several visitors mentioned enjoying a quilt exhibit at the Carnegie Center. The quilts seem to have been well-received by families, including young children.
    2. Underground Railroad Exhibit: The Underground Railroad exhibit received positive feedback for being informative and fascinating. Some visitors mentioned learning a lot about the history of slavery and the Underground Railroad in southern Indiana and Kentucky.
    3. The Hoosier Line: There was mention of an exhibit called “The Hoosier Line,” which was enjoyed by visitors, particularly those with a personal connection to the Monon Railroad.
    4. Graffiti Exhibit: A graffiti exhibit was mentioned in one review, with praise for the museum’s willingness to showcase diverse and low-brow art.
    5. Art Quilt Show – Form Not Function: Another quilt-related exhibit called “Form Not Function” was highlighted as fantastic and interesting.
    6. Edward Hubble and Galaxies Exhibit: A positive mention was made about learning about Edward Hubble, the telescope, and galaxies. The recommendation included a suggestion to attend lunch and learns.
    7. Railway System Tour: Some visitors enjoyed a tour of the railway system in the area, indicating that the museum covers a diverse range of topics.
    8. Maya Angelou Documentary: A documentary on Maya Angelou was shown, and it was well-presented, leading to an enjoyable discussion afterward.
    9. Free and Family-Friendly: The museum is described as free, family-friendly, and welcoming, with various exhibits catering to different interests.
    10. Cultural and Historical Displays: The museum was praised for its cultural and historical displays, including information about the Underground Railroad and local history.
    It’s important to note that exhibit availability may vary, and it’s recommended to check with the Carnegie Center directly or visit their website for the most up-to-date information on current exhibits.

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