What was your impression of the service, especially with server/manager Jeremy, during your visit to Wild Swann Restaurant?


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What was your impression of the service, especially with server/manager Jeremy, during your visit to Wild Swann Restaurant? in United States,Kentucky,Louisville,Wild Swann Restaurant

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    Overall, the impressions of Wild Swann Restaurant seem positive, with a few specific highlights and some constructive feedback:
    1. Positive Points:
    Drinks and Atmosphere: The Old Fashioned was noted as one of the best, and the atmosphere, described as a hidden gem with a speakeasy vibe, was enjoyed.
    Flatbread and Short Rib Rigatoni: The flatbread and short rib rigatoni were praised for their taste.
    Service: Jeremy, the server/manager, was commended for providing excellent service, finding tables during busy times, and enhancing the overall experience.
    2. Mixed or Constructive Feedback:
    Sliders and Mahi Mahi: While the flatbread and chicken sliders received positive feedback, the sliders were mentioned as a bit too sweet. Additionally, the Mahi Mahi dish did not meet expectations for one reviewer.
    Portion Size for Takeout: One customer mentioned that the takeout portions seemed small, leading to a question about the accuracy of the order.
    Reservation Timing and Portions: Another customer expressed confusion about reservation timing and found the portions to be on the smaller side.
    Dessert Missed: One complaint was about the kitchen closing before the opportunity to order dessert, indicating a desire for a smoother ordering process.
    3. Unresolved Issues:
    Reservation Timing: There were instances where reservations seemed unnecessary due to the restaurant being empty, suggesting potential miscommunication or operational issues.
    Inconsistencies with Website Information: A complaint about the absence of a happy hour despite the website claiming otherwise, and discrepancies in the listed hours.
    4. Outstanding Praise:
    Staff Recognition: Specific staff members, such as Maxmillan, Megan, Melanie, and Lance, received commendation for contributing positively to the dining experience.
    In summary, the restaurant is generally praised for its atmosphere, drinks, and certain menu items. However, there are some areas, such as consistency in service and menu items, that may benefit from improvement. The positive comments about staff members indicate a strong human element in the overall positive experience.

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