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– Who is the architect behind the design of Cairo Tower? in Egypt,Cairo,Cairo,Cairo Tower

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    The architect behind the design of Cairo Tower is Naoum Shebib. He was selected by the Egyptian government in 1954 to design and construct a tower symbolizing modern Egypt. Naoum Shebib served as the architect, structural engineer, and main contractor for the project. The construction of Cairo Tower began in 1954 but was temporarily halted for nearly three years, from 1956 to 1959, due to the Suez Canal war. The tower was officially opened on April 11th, 1961.
    Cairo Tower, standing at a height of 187 meters (613 feet) with a diameter of 14 meters (46 feet), was one of the world’s tallest reinforced concrete towers at the time of its completion. The structure is located on Gezira Island in downtown Cairo and serves as both an observation and communication tower.
    The tower is renowned for the purity and simplicity of its lines, as well as the authenticity of its raw materials. It features a central reinforced concrete core, four peripheral columns, and various circular platforms that support external concrete components shaped like irregular diamonds. The exterior of the tower is adorned with eight million small mosaics, and the diamond patterns elongate as they ascend, creating an upward movement reminiscent of a pharaonic-inspired lotus flower.
    The construction of Cairo Tower required architectural and technical boldness, and its appearance conveys a sense of lightness despite its strength and stability. The tower’s base is constructed with polished pink granite from Aswan, a material frequently used by ancient Egyptians. At the top of the tower, there is a revolving restaurant, a cafeteria, and a belvedere that offer a 360-degree panoramic view of the city.
    During the inauguration speech, Naoum Shebib highlighted the modern methods used in reinforced concrete construction and commended the courage, patience, and ability of Egyptian workers who participated in the construction, despite the challenges posed by working at great heights and exposure to inclement weather.

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